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Class Assignment and Feedback for
Lesson #10:
Importance of the Mass and the Eucharist

Assignment: What have you learned or decided to incorporate into your life as a result of this lesson? Please enter your lesson feedback below.

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Vacilio, Bella Vista Ar. US
Posted 7 days ago
Lesson#10, Importance of the Mass and the Eucharist: I really was impressed with the example of ST.Padre Pio's dedication to the Holy Eucharist. To me the presence Jesus in the Bread and Blood is really there. When we talk about the celebration of Mass and Eucharist I have learned that they are to parts, The Liturgy of the Word and then the Eucharist, we are first fed by the word then fed with the Bread and Blood of life, all this is a rejunivation of our body mind and soul and pumps up our spiritual life. I have picked up a few ideas in this lesson that I should be doing that will help me on my journey on my transformation to a better life w/the help of God ,Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Joan, Cape Cod, USA
Posted 93 days ago
The Eucharist is a blessing in my life. I try to get to daily Mass and when I don't get there, my day always feels like it is missing something. This chapter reminded me of how radical Jesus was/is. And how repulsive the idea of consuming His body and blood must have seemed to His followers. It was a true act of faith for the followers.
Chris, Dover, NH, USA
Posted 251 days ago
I have found the act of transubstantiation to be profound for me. The act of receiving the actual body and blood of the Christ has brought me to tears during Mass. Mass is a banquet and we have been called to His table. The words, "Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed," truly touch my heart during the Mass.
Irene/ England
Posted 402 days ago
I go to Mass three times a week at present, but doing this lesson has made me think about trying to go to daily mass.
The church here is open all day, and I call in for a few minutes most days to have some quiet time/prayer which gives me great inner peace.
Patricia, Wayne, NJ, USA
Posted 513 days ago
Sometimes when I am reflecting before Mass starts I think about what it would be like not to have the Mass. I cannot imagine such a loss. And, I must have the Eucharist.
In this lesson I appreciated the reminder to participate fully in the Mass.
Isidore Rita Lee, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Posted 531 days ago
The Importance of the Mass and the Eucharist touched on the significant of the sacrament of the Eucharist and the essential of attentive preparation at the Mass. Just like the our forefather, the Israelites, God gave 'manna' - the bread of heaven as nourishment in the desert journey for the Israelites but eventually they died. In contrast with the gospel of the new testament, Jesus gave Himself as nourishment. He is the 'living bread from heaven that came down from heaven'- John 6:51, and whoever consumed it would never die.

Sometimes, we can take for granted for receiving the Host which seemed just like a piece of wafer. Do we believe or doubt His presence in the Eucharist? However, after transubstantiation, Jesus is truly the Host although the appearance of bread and wine still remained. Jesus continued to be with us and in us as he has promised till the end of time.
So, we must not take lightly in proper preparation before Mass and being early is necessary. If possible, we must go for Confession at least once a month. One must be in perfect grace in order to receive Him. We are responsible for every act in receiving His body and blood as judgement is upon ourselves.

Since I am working, I don't have much chance to receive the Eucharist on a daily basis. However, I hope to find time to go for Eucharistic Adoration. I must attend Sunday Mass as a body of Church as it is the time I must spend to worship the LORD and to be with Him. Busy working life can be distracting so it is necessary to make prayer time as a priority, read the scriptures, meditation and doing God's will.

Bishop Fulton Sheen said, "This is the closest we can get to the LORD", since Jesus appeared in such a simple state of a Host.

Jesus is Divinity in the Host and we are just mere mortal and yet we are allowed to consume Him. This is the greatest gift that we can received yet we do not deserved it. We must be in the state of great humility to be in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. This Eucharist is preparation for our journey while on earth and towards our final destination in heaven someday. When we received the Eucharist, we received God's grace to be closer to Jesus and to be more holy.

Today, there is evidence of Eucharistic miracle which is merely to manifest Jesus presence in a tangible way when there is doubt in faith. Jesus loves us and wants to be with us always!
eileen patchogue ny usa
Posted 676 days ago
That I need to lean to put all my outside distractions away and come to Mass early and simply place myself in God's hands. That I always new but new need to renew the real presence in communion. How 2 simple every day things bread and wind become His Body an His blood.
jackie Malta NY USA
Posted 712 days ago
The Eucharist is "the source and summit of the Christian Life." I receive the Eucharist frequently but I will receive it even more after reading this very helpful chapter. I believe that receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation as often as possible will help us to eradicate a little at a time our predominant fault of pride, vanity or sensuality. We should be in the best state to have Christ come and dwell in His temple.
Mike B,Greenville, SC
Posted 764 days ago
WOW, what an amazing read. I took in the fact of the Holy Eucharist renewing me as I receive it. What a gift from God that we can share. I will be arriving at mass earlier and staying later to give thanks to god for this eternal gift.
Lori, Sycamore, IL USA
Posted 865 days ago
I will begin going to mass a bit earlier than now to prepare for mass and dwell on Christ's passion and in thanksgiving look forward to being present at Calvary and how awesome it is that I receive Jesus


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