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Class Assignment and Feedback for
Lesson #1:
Our Ultimate Purpose and Happiness


Let’s take take some time to ponder a little about what God has revealed to us about Himself and why would we want union with God.

#1. Look up some attributes of God in the Bible (some online Catholic versions with search functions are: New American Bible, New Jerusalem Bible and the Douay-Rheims) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (see bottom of page search function) using the search functions at these links.

I'd suggest looking up the words like "Yahweh", "God", "Jesus", "Lord", "mercy", "truth" and "love". Here are some examples:
God is Love. (I John 4:8)
God is Truth. (2 Samuel 7:28)
God is Merciful and Gracious and Forgiving. (Ex 33:18-19, Ex 34:5-6; cf. 34:9.)

Take about 15 minutes to think and pray about it. Write down some of the characteristics or attributes of God that are most attractive to you in the box below that you'd like to share with others in the class.

#2. Describe something you've learned or was reaffirmed for you as a result of working through this lesson that you'd like to share with others in the class.

Please enter your lesson feedback below from #1 and #2 above.

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Paulette Kelowna, BC, Canada
Posted Yesterday
God is lover, friend, bridegroom, King and Lord. He is unfathomable, yet makes Himself accessible to us through His Son. He is endlessly fascinating to me. I want to give Him every reason to be full of joy with His children. He is utterly cool
Something I have had reinforced to me from this lesson is the fact that God truly wants to be our Father, with all the affection and care and love that this implies. He never gives up forgiving our sins and is so delighted when we sheepishly :-) come home and ask forgiveness.
Charlene, Enola, PA, USA
Posted 12 days ago
Attributes: Good, faithful, all-knowing, all-powerful, unchanging, without origin, He is everywhere, wise just, merciful, gracious, loving, holy, glorious, compassion.
What I have learned/reaffirmed... with all these wonderful attributes, God should be easy to love and trust!
Chrissy, Amarillo, TX
Posted 24 days ago
My main take away was "If we do not have God as our #1 love and the Lord of our Life, anything we do have will not be enough or sufficient in the long run." When I was raising my kids, my kids were #1 with my husband being a close second, I see how that affected their choices of mates and also my husband as he basically punished me for expected too much from him. We are better now but it took me deciding that I really didn't need my husband anymore, I only needed God, to make me put things in the right order.
Lori in Puerto Octay,Chile
Posted 27 days ago
"Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me: for my soul trusteth in thee. And in the shadow of thy wings will I hope, until iniquity pass away" Psalm 56:2
In spite of my sinfulness, I trust that God is good and kind and loving and will have mercy on me.
Tracey Cibolo, TX. USA
Posted 77 days ago
God is Love. Love is patient, Love is kind....
He is providing for us in our every need. Not only does he sustain our lives but he also shows us who he is through his works: for the artist, he provides beauty to be discovered; for the scientist, he provides mysteries to solve. He delights in our delight. God is Love.
Kathleen Mansfield, MA. USA
Posted 119 days ago
The Lord is merciful. He forgives and forgets our offenses when we confess and repent.. He remembers them no more. Mercy is His greatest attribute. His arms are always wide open inviting us to come closer to His beating heart of love. He surrounds us with His peace.
Luke, Illah, Delta State, Nigeria
Posted 163 days ago
God is love
God is compassionate.

God can receive anything from us, but he cannot give himself completely to us until we give ourself completely to him.
Ginny, Upland CA. USA
Posted 189 days ago
Ginny, Upland CA. USA
Posted 189 days ago
Abby, Connersville, In, United States
Posted 205 days ago
God says to Rejoice in Him.
God is the Light of the World.


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