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Class Assignment and Feedback for
Lesson #2:
Our Ultimate Decision


I suggest that you use a notebook for your class notes and assignments. Or if you prefer to work on the computer you could cut and paste the following questions in a Word document and type in the answers for your own reflection. Then from your notes send in something you'd like to share with others in the feedback form below.

Assignment #1: Assessing where we are right now...

1. Take time to ponder and write down for your own reflection in your notebook the following questions and your answers to them.

While doing this assignment, let's remember that God loves us, is on our side and wants only what is best for us. If we know we are loved we can more easily be honest and at the same time gentle with ourselves because we are loved, realizing that we can decide to do things differently if we see that we need to make some changes. We are working on perfection but aren't there yet and that is OK. At the same time we do have to repent of any serious sin and try our best to conquer any habitual sin so as to live in God's grace. (If we fall into sin through our own weakness, as long as we keep trying and don't give up, we can know that God is pleased with our efforts and will help us conquer through his grace.) Below are some things to reflect on regarding God's first commandment.

What is the highest good that I want and desire in my life? Is it a great spouse and family? Health? Wealth? A great job? Status? Recognition? Vacations? How does this relate to God's commandment to love Him above all things? Who or what am I currently putting first in my life?

What do I focus on as in spending most of my waking hours trying to get, thinking about, working for, dreaming about, loving? Am I making a little idol of anything or anyone by putting it or them above what God wants me to do?

Who or what persons, places, things or desires easily lead me to sin (i.e. to do something I know offends God and isn't right)? How can I avoid these persons, places of things in the future?

If we have turned our lives over to God's control and are putting God first, God is like the pilot of our lives, or in the driver’s seat. Who is the pilot of my life? Who is in the driver’s seat? As someone jokingly once said, “If God is your co-pilot, you better switch seats.”

Do I see the value in asking God to help me to put him in the #1 spot? Do I understand Jesus’s words, “If you love me you will obey my commandments.”?

What ways will I take the things I've just discovered about my life and make a more determined effort to make God #1 by giving up serious sin or doing the duties of my life more conscientiously? What am I going to decide to do differently in my life as a result of this reflection? Who or what am I going to decide from this moment forward to put first in my life?

Finally, if I don't want to decide yet to put God first in my life, what if any obstacles are holding me back from making God #1 in my life? Am I willing to give up anything that stands in my way? If not, would I be willing to ask God to help me become willing?

Assignment #2: Write down in your notebook your decision and compose your own prayer that reflects your decision to commit or recommit your life to God as the highest priority in your life, to make a choice to love God above all things (and to let God be in control of your life remembering that your Heavenly Father knows everything, including what is best for us, truly loves us and we can trust Him to do what is best for us and others). You can use the prayer that we said earlier as an example.

Assignment #3: Write down something you've learned or would like to share with others in the class about this lesson such as the prayer in #2 above. (When finished filling out the form, press “send e-mail” at the bottom of the form to send.)

Write down one or more things that stood out to you from what you've learned about prayer in this lesson that you would like to share with others in the class. Please enter your lesson feedback below.

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Lori in Puerto Octay,Chile
Posted 20 days ago
The highest good that I want in my life, the goal of my life, is the closest union with God that He will permit me to attain. But I find that I am still putting myself first. It's about what makes me comfortable and uncomfortable. I am less likely to do something I think God wants me to do when it puts me out of my comfort zone or I worry about what others may think of me. I must, with God's grace, put what I want to do after what God wants me to do. How can I remember and make sure that I always keep God first in my life?
Tracey Cibolo, TX. USA
Posted 45 days ago
Spend time with God, whom we have DECIDED to love above ALL things.
Kathleen Mansfield, MA. USA
Posted 118 days ago
Dear Lord,
Help me put you first, first thing in the morning. With your grace let me only gaze on you and with your grace help me pick myself up when I fall. I grasp your outstretched hand and move forward moment to moment each day. By putting you first, my love for others will be stronger because I will be loving them with your love.
Abby, Connersville, In, United States
Posted 200 days ago
On the last post, the last sentence should have been How can I resist that.
Abby, Connersville, In, United States
Posted 200 days ago
I have always be committed to God because it was a given (through family, friends, The Church, but I realized I have to step up to the plate and make the decision to be committed and work on being the best version of myself-instead of lukewarm Abby but being on fire. The best part is how I am getting to know God intimately. He is so kind to me and only wants best for me. I can I resist that! Have an awesome day!
Norma Pgh pa USA
Posted 202 days ago
Trust Jesus and make him priority one and all else falls into place.
I like CS Lewis when he said that by putting God first and Loving him above see, that you come to love your earthly love even more.That things fall into place
Vacilio, Bella Vista Ar. US
Posted 278 days ago
I have recomitted to the First Commandment as of today. I loved what St Augustine says "Youhave made us for yourself, andour hearts are restless until they find rest in you". I am ready to switch seats w/God and let him be the Pilot I will do his Will and put all my trust in him.
Jack - Brick, NJ
Posted 292 days ago
I've said many a prayer in need, in desperation, in thanksgiving; however, each an every day, with reverence and devotion, I commit to saying the "Lord's Prayer" which encompasses all my needs.
Joan, Cape Cod, USA
Posted 424 days ago
Great lesson! Learned that I can always ask for the grace to want to give up any weaknesses I have. And re-committed my desire to put God central in my life. There is no other way.
Chris, Dover, NH, USA
Posted 458 days ago
My Yeshua
Son of Man
Son of God
My Salvation
Have mercy on me. a sinner
Your will be done


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