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Class Assignment and Feedback for
Lesson #4:
Meditative Prayer (Meditation)

Assignment: Some questions for your own private reflection that you might like to share parts of with others in the feedback form below:

What are my current practices of prayer and what do I intend to do from now on? What did I learn about prayer from reading the assignments?

Write down one or more things that stood out to you from what you've learned about prayer in this lesson that you would like to share with others in the class. Please enter your lesson feedback below.

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Lori in Puerto Octay,Chile
Posted 4 days ago
I was really surprised by the Lectio Divina. I had heard of it before but was under the impression that it was just too difficult and something monks did but after reading "The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina" by Fr. Luke Dysinger and the simple method of meditation given in the lesson, I have given it a try. I started with the Psalms and have been pleased with the practice as it has become a peaceful and enjoyable early morning routine. And the lesson has also given me a new perspective on contemplation, the opening of yourself to the presence of God.
Tracey Cibolo, TX. USA
Posted 37 days ago
I look forward to my rosary time every day. I say it outside in my back yard garden, where I can be in His presence in nature. It is a time for the Lord, Mary and me to exchange thoughts, love and ideas: to really experience Peace. Anyone that needs prayer is tucked into my rosary as well. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is a very special daily prayer for me as well.
Kathleen Mansfield, MA. USA
Posted 116 days ago
"Whoever eats my Flesh and drinks my Blood
remains in me and I in him." I finally was able to do Lectia Divina today for a half hour from 8-8:30 in the morning. I am going to keep this time for him in my quiet room. This phrase from today's reading made me resolve to go to Mass more often during the week. I want to remain in Him throughout the day and realize His presence within me during the day.
Paul. Wakefield,RI,USA
Posted 170 days ago
My current practices of prayer are daily readings from the bible and spending time reflecting on my day. From now on after reading the lesson I plan on still reading God's word and practicing lectio divina. Spending quiet time and meditation with God will comfort and relax daily stresses from the secular world.
Vacilio, Bella Vista Ar. US
Posted 265 days ago
I have really enjoyed this lesson alot, I have been doing everything in this lesson for so many years that I have taken it for granted that I knew what I was doing. I pray every day I get up early in the morning and start w/my Rosary, morning prayer, Daily Readings but I haven't stopped to meditate on what I was really doing. This course has really opened my heart I was seeing w/my eye's and not my heart. What stood out the most was the phrase on ccc#2706 about meditation somthing I always wanted and been doing it but failed to take the time to sit and enjoy the fruits of it, I have now realized I have to sit and slow my mind and enjoy the presence of God who is alway's with me.God will never stop amaizing me.
Joan, Cape Cod, USA
Posted 404 days ago
I have done Lectio divine a few times with a group and it is powerful, but I'm drawn more to the rosary and silent prayer. This lesson is a reminder for me to vary how I pray. And more importantly to make sure that I make a space for the Lord when I pray.
Denise, Frederick, CO
Posted 419 days ago
I set aside time to pray every morning and every evening. Lectio divina has been a practice of mine for many years. ( I didn't even know I was doing "lectio divina" all this time until I read the definition of it here). It just makes sense to me and is natural for me as a reader and lover of reading. I hope to incorporate a daily saying of the rosary in my prayer time. Meditation on the mysteries seems so important and necessary for developing my spiritual life. I hear and see God in so many other things throughout my day: in nature in the sunlight and shadows and rainbow prisms, in the smiles of children, in my dog's dedication, in the lives of my adult children. It is wonderful to remember that God is always with us on the walk, never leaving or forsaking us but walking with us. Amen.
Roy, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Posted 454 days ago
Chris, Dover, NH, USA
Posted 458 days ago
Currently I pray informally and often each day. In addition to this I hope to solidify formal prayers twice a day. Lecto Divino I have been exposed to before and found it very rich; something I need to incorporate on a regular basis in my practice.
Patricia, Wayne, NJ, USA
Posted 767 days ago
I must say that this particular Lesson was so very rich. My prayer life has been daily prayers for myself and others, as well as meditation. I found the entire content on the Lecto Divina exactly what I was searching for. Now each day I check the daily Catholic Scripture readings. I read slowly, carefully, drinking it all in like cool water on a hot summer day. I continue to work on the discipline of quieting my mind so I can receive spiritual direction. I'd like to memorize the scripture that is most moving for me so I can reflect (ruminate) on it during the day. Wonderful lesson.


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