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Class Assignment and Feedback for
Lesson #10:
Importance of the Mass and the Eucharist

Assignment: What have you learned or decided to incorporate into your life as a result of this lesson? Please enter your lesson feedback below.

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Bill - Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Posted 192 days ago
I keep hearing, "Source and Summit, Source and Summit!" What else could move me from my lethargy and boredom? The answer is Christ Himself. He gives us Himself over and over through the Eucharist, sharing Himself with all who believe. "I am the bread of life, come down from heaven. If anyone eats this bread, they will live forever. The bread I give is my flesh, for the life of the world." What more can one say?

Flannery O'Conner once heard a famous writer say something like, "Oh yes, communion, it's a wonderful symbol." She answered, "If it's a symbol, to hell with it." Nuff said!
Emma - Kissimmee, FL
Posted 730 days ago
I have decided to prepare more before Holy Mass. Praying the Mass is very important. Offering all our cares to God during the Mass.
Lori in Puerto Octay,Chile
Posted 994 days ago
"Don't pray at Holy Mass, but pray the Holy Mass" I love this quote and I try to pray along with the Mass by following all the prayers in my missal including before and after Mass personal prayers especially the St. Michael the Archangel prayer at the end of Mass. I was excited to hear about the importance of having Masses prayed for living persons and how efficacious this is for their salvation maybe even more important than prayers after death!
Paul. Wakefield,RI,USA
Posted 1100 days ago
I learned in this lesson how important the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Unless we eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood we do not have life within us. The mass is made up of scriptural readings and the Eucharist, which seems to not be realized. This is why I need to learn all I can about the mass. Preparing my heart and mind to hear God's word and receive the body and blood of Christ. Preparing for mass by reading and reflecting before attending. Focusing on God and praying before mass upon arriving early and bring all my concerns and placing them in God's hands.
Kathleen Mansfield, MA. USA
Posted 1132 days ago
Oh Jesus in the Eucharist, His real presence with us everyday, so close to us. His love is so unfathomable. May I meditate on this day and night and meet Him in this sacrament with all the love I can possibly give Him. This lesson has taught me to get to daily Mass and to make it a number one priority. No more excuses.
Vacilio, Bella Vista Ar. US
Posted 1250 days ago
Lesson#10, Importance of the Mass and the Eucharist: I really was impressed with the example of ST.Padre Pio's dedication to the Holy Eucharist. To me the presence Jesus in the Bread and Blood is really there. When we talk about the celebration of Mass and Eucharist I have learned that they are to parts, The Liturgy of the Word and then the Eucharist, we are first fed by the word then fed with the Bread and Blood of life, all this is a rejunivation of our body mind and soul and pumps up our spiritual life. I have picked up a few ideas in this lesson that I should be doing that will help me on my journey on my transformation to a better life w/the help of God ,Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Joan, Cape Cod, USA
Posted 1336 days ago
The Eucharist is a blessing in my life. I try to get to daily Mass and when I don't get there, my day always feels like it is missing something. This chapter reminded me of how radical Jesus was/is. And how repulsive the idea of consuming His body and blood must have seemed to His followers. It was a true act of faith for the followers.
Chris, Dover, NH, USA
Posted 1494 days ago
I have found the act of transubstantiation to be profound for me. The act of receiving the actual body and blood of the Christ has brought me to tears during Mass. Mass is a banquet and we have been called to His table. The words, "Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed," truly touch my heart during the Mass.
Irene/ England
Posted 1645 days ago
I go to Mass three times a week at present, but doing this lesson has made me think about trying to go to daily mass.
The church here is open all day, and I call in for a few minutes most days to have some quiet time/prayer which gives me great inner peace.
Patricia, Wayne, NJ, USA
Posted 1756 days ago
Sometimes when I am reflecting before Mass starts I think about what it would be like not to have the Mass. I cannot imagine such a loss. And, I must have the Eucharist.
In this lesson I appreciated the reminder to participate fully in the Mass.


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