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Class Assignment and Feedback for
Lesson #12: Discernment and
Various Topics related to Spiritual Direction

Assignment: What have you learned or decided to incorporate into your life as a result of this spiritual formation course? Do you have any general comments about the course? Would you like to see additional online courses such as this, and if so, what topics interest you? Please enter your lesson feedback below.

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Bill - Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA
Posted 184 days ago
Well as I come to the end of this wonderful spiritual experience, I feel like a heart transplant patient. It's not complete, but the transformation from a stony heart to a soft supple heart has begun (Ez 36:26/ Jer 31:33). Just knowing that God is talking to me all the time sends shivers through my soul. I have had such hungers of the heart for so long, but your course has opened up a new library of life for me. I will open up the scriptures more, I will check the catechism more, I will search out spiritual authors like Fr. Dubay, St, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Ruth Burrows...the list you have given us will fill my life and spiritual direction as well. Just knowing the wealth of our faith, really just beginning that knowledge overwhelms me with humility and gratitude. Thank you for this wonderful course and you are my John the Baptist, a voice crying in this desert, "Make way the path of the Lord." God bless you.
Cynthia, Texas
Posted 343 days ago
I'm just responding so that you have feedback that we're still using this wonderful program! I see the oldest feedback goes back over 10 years ago. I purchased it several years ago and never finished, but I had bookmarked the site to favorites; and lo and behold when I opened the favorite tab recently the page opened right up to the program outline with links to the lessons. I was able to finish it 5 years after purchasing! Thank you so much for creating and offering this course!
Emma - Kissimmee, FL
Posted 712 days ago
I decided to pray more and to try to listen more attentively to God's voice.
Lori in Puerto Octay,Chile
Posted 978 days ago
I have really enjoyed this course and it has been a great time of spiritual growth for me and I'm wondering how to keep the momentum going. I would love to see more information on making a concrete plan to conquer vice and promote virtue. I like a list that I can check regularly to keep up my spiritual growth. My only complaint about the course is that many of the links for further reading are bad.
Thank you so much Kathryn! And God Bless you!
Paul. Wakefield,RI,USA
Posted 1083 days ago
I have learned from this spiritual formation course that my love for God is first and foremost. The material given was excellent and the various links and examples explained spiritual formation like no other books or materials I read. I would like to see other courses like this online program, because even though we think we have all the answers there is so much more to learn on our journey with God. Some topics I believe would be beneficial are learning from spiritual directors actual cases and discussions and a way to help with understanding and comforting those people that are lonely. I was blessed to find this course and enjoy the occasional emails I receive pertaining to spiritual formation. This course has helped me to trust in God and walk on my journey with my head high and full of love and grace. God Bless!
Vacilio, Bella Vista Ar. US
Posted 1236 days ago
Lesson#12: My point of interest was Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings in all your way's acknowledge him, and He will make your paths straight in all your way's acknowledgehim,and He will make your paths straight." I enjoyed the story about Mother Angelica where she say's she was feeling that Gods Will for her life seemed too difficult for her to embrace, and she was having a hard time desiring it, and she prays to God to show her how to accept His Will, God answers and told her instead of asking what his Will was to ask for what his love was for her that both are the same thing. This story about Mother Angelica opened up this whole course of Spiritual Direction for me. We sometimes see Gods Will very difficult because we see some of the responsibilities that come with it Time thingswe need to give up humbling, ourselves, more loving to our nieghbor in other words Love, Faith, and Hope and we fail to see the importance of all of this because this is what God's Will is all about, its easier to see and accept Gods love than Gods Will. We tend to see only ourselves doing things our way instead of leaning on God to help us.This 12 wks course not only opened my eyes but, also my heart. I feel like St Paul, God opened my eyes too because I can see now that my lifes purpose is to Honor God first and to put my hope and faith in him, that he and only he can make me a better person and to always lean on him. If there were more courses to take like this one I would really be interested in them and take them.
Joan, Cape Cod, USA
Posted 1335 days ago
Chris, Dover, NH, USA
Posted 1494 days ago
Thru this course I have looked at my current practice and have been able to glimpse what I am missing. Spiritual formation is a process, like climbing a mountain we all arrive at the summit eventually to see a magnificent view. Sometimes the path is well trodden, sometimes it is steep and rocky and sometimes we fall off it and bushwhack. And sometimes we "where no man has gone before".
Irene/ England
Posted 1624 days ago
This course has transformed my spiritual life and I will continue to refer to the lessons for support and guidance indefinitely.I will miss looking forward to what I can learn in the next lesson, so I hope that Kathy will consider putting on further courses.The Divine Office would be of interest to me, but I would be interested in any other courses which Kathy puts on, as the quality, wisdom and love that she puts into them I have been able to find nowhere else.Blessings and love to all who have taken this course, and to those are just beginning it, may the Holy Spirit guide you always, on your spiritual journey.
Isidore Rita Lee, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Posted 1640 days ago
In Lesson #12, I have learned that discernment is vital in my life as I lack the understanding of an examination of conscience before sleeping, obeying God's will in contrast to the self-will, to incorporate habit on reading scripture reflections on seeking God's guidance and will daily, seeking true spiritual friendship to grow or engage a wise counsel like a spiritual director.

So, the discernment of spirit must assist me to recognise God's little voice in me to follow Him by practising the 7 Capital Virtues to counteract the 7 Capital (Deadly) Sins. We need God's grace in helping us in transformation,

Private revelations on the apparitions of Mary are not a part of our deposit of Faith and one is not obliged to believe in any one of them, even approved ones. One must realised that the devil might appeared as "the angel of light" to confuse the truth. Let us walk by faith and not by sight.

The daily need of meditation of spiritual discernment on how to act during in consolation or desolation period is practical and effective in helping spiritual growth.

Thank you very much for this online spiritual formation program that gives such invaluable treasure for spiritual growth to those seeking God. May God bless you, Kathryn for this.

Life is a journey and we are pilgrims in this world and each of of us has a vocation and we must choose life by putting God as the compass in our lives every day!

I would like to learn topics on purgatory, hell and heaven.


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