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Class Assignment and Feedback for
Lesson #4:
Meditative Prayer (Meditation)

Assignment: Some questions for your own private reflection that you might like to share parts of with others in the feedback form below:

What are my current practices of prayer and what do I intend to do from now on? What did I learn about prayer from reading the assignments?

Write down one or more things that stood out to you from what you've learned about prayer in this lesson that you would like to share with others in the class. Please enter your lesson feedback below.

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Lydia Nairobi Kenya
Posted 203 days ago
I have been attending Mass daily, praying Divine mercy @3am and rosary of Virgin Mary daily but not reflectively as I have learnt from the the lesson. I intend to start doing this as a way of meditation and fix 30 minutes fo meditation in the morning when not tired. I was moved to learn of meditation from the word of God. I thought is the church that gives us only and its not only a morning exercise but day and night. The short method of St. Francis Xavier has moved me and I have taken on this to practise to better my prayer.
Rebecca; New Mexico
Posted 215 days ago
I learned that I have frequently been using mental prayer by thinking about God and learning about Him. And that often brings up needs to improve myself (resolutions). This was a most useful lesson for me. I was once told that "thinking about God isn't praying;" but it's a form of Meditation! God is so merciful. He leads me even when I don't see it!
Bill - Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Posted 222 days ago
First I am so humbled reading the work of those gone before me. It's truly inspiring and strengthens my resolve to improve my prayer life. As a permanent deacon, I have the privilege to offer Morning and Evening prayer from the "Liturgy of the Hours" each day. That has become part of my life, but I do miss Evening Prayers at times. I find the Psalm so beautiful and recall seeing a conservative Jewish man saying them at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris once. I never forgot the scene of his facing east and bowing continually. I thought Jesus probably did the same. It moved me.

I was surprised to learn the number of times the Old Testament refers to meditation. It's comforting to know that and as a volunteer with a Jesuit Ministry, I find myself meditating frequently and using the Ignatian imagination technique as a source of strength. By that I mean putting myself into the scene depicted and free running with it.

Finally, anything by Fr Luke Dysinger is of great comfort. I know him and he's a most amazing man...an accomplished harpist, a theologian of renown, a great homilist, a medical doctor who works at a local hospital near Valyermo's St. Andrew's Abbey, a beautiful Benedictine holy place.
Patricia, Wayne, NJ, USA
Posted 342 days ago
Prayer is a big part of my life. I have completed my postulancy in the third order of St. Dominic and I am waiting to begin my noviate soon. Prayer is one of the four pillars of the Dominican order, the other three are study, community and apostolate. Having said that, I do pray often and do need to learn to pray as I should. I loved so much this lesson that I am challenged to choose just one or two things to say but I will try. I treasure Francis de Sales advice: "before beginning to pray, it is needful always to rouse the soul to a steadfast remembrance and thought of the Presence of God." All of the readings and reflections on the Rosary were so good. I could go on and on.
mary houston texas
Posted 421 days ago
Prayer is an important part of my life, although I don't think I pray enough. ..to be more mindful of God's presence I have small conversations..it could be thanksgiving, praise, intentions or just saying " Jesus I love you and i want to love you more" all of these are prayers. Then I wait for him to respond, which comes in many ways.
I have a sign in my home "Pray more today than yesterday".. when all is still...I can have my quiet time with our Lord. I do like praying with scriptures as they speak to my heart.I really do like the scripture rosary it helps me to learn scripture as I pray. I am a sinner at the foot of the cross, crying out for God's mercy. I know it is there for me and I want to share that with others. I will continue hoping to improve my life with prayer and the grace of God, for his glory!
Jean, Blairstown Iowa Benton
Posted 436 days ago
for several years I have kept the first hour of the day for prayer, contemplation, value clarification, spiritual reading, often Bible verses that have been quoted and then discussed or made relevant by an author
Communion is very essential to me, and during this time of isolation, the community and real communion with God/Jesus is missed sorely.
Gradualllyl I have found myself talking to God throughout the day to ask for help in managing anger/envy/apathy etc,,,to make my thinking clearer and more connected to the truth and entering into the narrow Gate.
I have the rosary on a tape from when my mother passed and we listened a lot to the tape as it allowed more contemplation and music with the prayers. I still use that in the car some times.
I have resisted confession out of pride and shame in going "face to face" but I want to do better. I want to be more humble, quiet, and only say some thing when I think it will really help others....not just to hear my voice and head roar!
I liked the explorations into the religious life for lay people, the Carmelites and the Penitents. I will continue to consider the scrupulous anonymous as I want more joy rather than anxiety toward perfectionism. I hope to add evening prayer as a routine.
Jean, Blairstown Iowa Benton
Posted 450 days ago
The reading reinforced my recently found belief that "talking" To God and the trinity is very powerful. I more deeply believe that we each carry the Holy Spirit and if we cleanse our self daily in a private confession that the actins we take are more directed by the energy of god than my own motivation, that can be dark and negative. The near occasions of sin are the emotions that if we repress can come back to haunt us later and become evil and violent.
I will continue my daily reflections and use the "suggested" booklets from my Catholic Parish/Cluster and continue to pray that women will be called to full service as a presence of Jesus.
Posted 657 days ago
Right now my prayer life consists of doing Lauds. I have slipped from my daily rosary meditation for almost a year now. I plan on doing a daily 15min Lectio Divina before going further.

What I learnt about prayer is that it is a necessity for relationship with Christ! He has spoken, and I only need to listen.
Emma, Kissimmee, FL
Posted 787 days ago
What stood out for me in this lesson is the meditation on the mysteries of the rosary. Placing myself there and visualizing the situation. I will try to do that when I pray the rosary in the future. The other thing is to try to pray as an ongoing conversation with God rather than reciting prayers only.
Lori in Puerto Octay,Chile
Posted 1040 days ago
I was really surprised by the Lectio Divina. I had heard of it before but was under the impression that it was just too difficult and something monks did but after reading "The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina" by Fr. Luke Dysinger and the simple method of meditation given in the lesson, I have given it a try. I started with the Psalms and have been pleased with the practice as it has become a peaceful and enjoyable early morning routine. And the lesson has also given me a new perspective on contemplation, the opening of yourself to the presence of God.


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