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Class Assignment and Feedback for
Lesson #6:
Growing in Holiness and Virtue

Assignment: Write down one or more things that stood out to you from what you've learned about prayer in this lesson that you would like to share with others in the class. For example what did you learn about holiness or virtue? How might you implement some of the things in your life? Please enter your lesson feedback below.

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Lydia Nairobi Kenya
Posted 167 days ago
Prayer leads me to holiness and I must strive to acquire virtues that are necessary for my growth. I have learnt that I need to abandon self to God in His will as it pleases Himinoder to be a saint. Thi requires me to put in action through my daily activities. Two virtues are worth to cultivate for:humility and obedience that calls for submissiveness that will help me remove obstacles to my faith. This will help me to look for perfection. This growth is possible only when I completely submit to the plan of God and fulfil the duties of my state. This I found it a challenge for I never took my responsibility in my nation seriously. For effective prayer I must cultivate love of God which is a measuring lod for holiness. Iam going to implement this by cultivating in daily activities the virtue of humility and obedience to conquer pride. This will help me to live faithfully the theological and the cardinal virtues. I will have for my daily devotion the litanies of humility that will help me to connect with the Lord as I strive for holiness. Daily I will read the lives of the Saint for encouragement.
Bill - Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Posted 212 days ago
"Everything we gain comes from what we give", St. Teresa of Avila. That came to me yesterday. I was to participate in a retreat with men recently released from very long prison sentences. I didn't want to go. I came up with all the excuses...covid, too far, they probably won't show, it's in a bad neighborhood of Compton..., but that did not seem very virtuous as we just read about. I went.

I was rewarded beyond measure. These men were "holiness personified." As I listened to their stories, and they didn't talk about God, I felt my soul literally leave my body and a sense of gratitude and love for Jesus spilled out of me. Finally, I said to Father Mike, our leader, now I know what contemplation is. I've tried all the techniques, but this moment I felt I was surrendering to God's goodness and love. I didn't need to do anything, just bask in the spirit. I had truly communicated with God through my brothers!
Patricia, Wayne, NJ, USA
Posted 322 days ago
On finishing this lesson I was reminded of a conversation in a scripture study class that I attended a few years ago. The question was put to Father Brian (who was our study leader) about what one had to do to get to heaven. His answer was "be holy". Everyone was stunned, including me! I am now beginning to learn how to be holy. God's grace is always there for the asking. I need to actively cooperate with His gift. That means cooperating at all times with "the designs of God, the good pleasure of God, the will of God, the operation of God and the gift of His grace. . ."
Jean, Blairstown Iowa Benton
Posted 444 days ago
The virtues have long been present as concepts in my life: beginning with 4-H Head, heart, hands and health...green for growth AND WHITE FOR HIGH IDEALS.
My daily life seems so boring, the same over and over. the times are trying as I deal with the confinements of the virus. I have given up on the ideals of youth and deal with the hard realities of the ugly dark world.
Matthew Kelly talks of the improving by the 1%, and that is my goals to be a better giver by 1%. I trust God to lead me home.
Emma - Kissimmee, FL
Posted 764 days ago
Emma - Kissimmee, FL
Posted 764 days ago
Lori in Puerto Octay,Chile
Posted 1029 days ago
"He would have you keep back nothing; whether it be little or much, He will have it all for Himself" This is a quote from St. Teresa of Avila that scares me a bit because it is so hard to let go. As Americans we are taught to be independent and self reliant which are good traits on a physical level but bad on a spiritual level. So I guess we let go on a daily basis by offering all things to God especially the things we can't change.
Paul. Wakefield,RI,USA
Posted 1115 days ago
This lesson has made me aware of how I really try everyday to walk and live by faith and not just by sight. God wills us to be what he wants from our daily living by doing his will. I help others by conversing with them about their needs and goals, which allows me to be a better listener and walk on their journey. I continue to be there for others and always live each day to the fullest with a positive attitude. I believe God wants us to do for others and not just for rewards or fame, but for his will to serve.
Kathleen Mansfield, MA. USA
Posted 1148 days ago
Being still, aware of His love and presence, spending time talking with Him but most importantly listening to Him. Just focusing moment to moment on loving Him above all and extending that love to the people we meet everyday. Forgeting self. This is so challenging but His love is the only way. As a caregiver I find this self-sacrifice so difficult but only by picking up the cross of our daily duties with His love and joy can we become His follower. By being His follower we become holy and grow in virtue.
Vacilio, Bella Vista Ar. US
Posted 1280 days ago
In lesson #6 Virtue and Holiness: we can not live on past experiences, the reason, I lived a Cursillo Movement with the catholic church which has many wonderful experiences and, you get all pumped upbut, with time these high experiences will tend to cool off and we become luke warm and we tend to slowly drift away, maybe we just lose focus on who gave us those experiences and our comittment was not all there, maybe lack of prayer time, devotion and, we just went back to the world and what it offers. On this lesson I have understood that being virtuousand using good habits which are Honesty, Kindness, Patience, Concisenses, Faithfulness, Bravery, and Justice. Theseare the thingsthat will take us to Holiness with Prayer and obidiences to God which will unit Gods Will with our Will. Maybe not to sainthood but, to God nothing is inpossible.


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