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Agreement and terms to be listed as a Catholic Spiritual Director on the website:

I affirm that I am a baptized member of the Catholic Church and a "practicing Catholic" spiritual director, have completed a training program in spiritual direction, and that I have experience as a spiritual director. I also affirm that I have an active prayer life, believe in, and seek to live my life in obedience to Jesus Christ and the official teachings of the Catholic faith, and I agree not to give any advice or spiritual guidance contradictory to the official teachings of the Catholic Church and magisterium of the Church.

I also agree to the following:

I understand that ( provides a online listing with contact information for spiritual directors (such as myself) and those who are seeking Catholic spiritual direction or spiritual friendship (directees). I affirm that I have training and experience in providing formal and/or informal spiritual direction in the Roman Catholic tradition. I wish to provide spiritual direction and/or spiritual friendship, through the CSD.or website and I agree to follow all of’s guidelines regarding the providing of spiritual direction or spiritual friendship, which are stated here. I also agree that all spiritual direction and/or spiritual friendship provided by me will be in full accord with the official teachings of the Catholic Church. I also agree to follow the guidelines for spiritual directors found in A Code of Ethics for Spiritual Directors (Dove Publications). Those guidelines are available online are a part of this agreement.

However, and I agree that I shall have the freedom to decide the specifics by which I provide spiritual direction and/or spiritual friendship. For all purposes under this agreement and otherwise, I am an independent contractor and not an employee of Also, we agree that I may (if agreed to by me and the directee) receive compensation from the directee. These fees, if any, are not collected by In keeping with that, we understand and agree that will not pay any state or federal income tax (either any employer's or employee's portion), social security tax, Medicare/Medicaid tax or assessment, group or individual medical, dental and life insurance coverage, sick pay, vacation pay, personal leave, unemployment compensation (or insurance for such), or workers compensation (or insurance for such) for me. I waive absolutely any right of recovery against and its owners, for any of the above-mentioned benefits or for any other compensation, or for any other purpose beyond asking for a refund of my listing fees. This understanding and agreement shall be effective as soon as I am actually listed by my request on the online Directory.

I also understand and agree that this agreement and my association with may be terminated at any time either by myself or by, without or with cause, by the giving of written notice either by email or by mail. I also understand that fees for listing can be increased in the future by posting a new fee schedule on the website or by notice through other means. Currently the initial setup fee for a listing is $35 and this includes the first full year listing (plus any extra months until the following January 1 which is the renewal date). After that a $20 yearly fee will be requested to retain my listing. This fee includes being listed as a director for men or women, or both, and helps cover the labor involved in posting my listing and help to maintain the website. I also agree to the posting of the information online that I give to for this purpose and hold not responsible for what anyone who has access to this information might do; and I understand that this information will be posted for anyone on the internet to see, so I take full responsibility for what I ask to have posted about myself online and also any information about myself that I provide to any potential directee or directee; and I hold harmless for any actions of others that may stem from my listing on (The web pages with the actual listings for spiritual directors will not be indexed for search engines so that your name and information will not come up from these pages if searched for on Google and other search engines to help protect your privacy, but a link to these web pages with listing of spiritual directors is available for all to see on the internet and gets regular visitors.)

If you are a trained, experienced, "practicing Catholic" spiritual director and agree to the terms above, you may send your listing fee to be included on the Catholic Spiritual Direction Online Directory by either sending a check for $35.00 (I only accept checks from the United States because of banking issues) to:

or use the Add-to-cart button below. The payment button accepts Paypal, credit cards and e-checks from any country.

I will also need you to email your bio and listing information in either an email or a Word.doc file, edited as you would like it to appear on the web along with a photo or graphic if any. Please do not include any information on your biography that you do not want anyone on the internet to see. We suggest just putting your email address as the first contact and not including any information about your phone number or street address until you can screen applicants. You can check the listings at the above web pages to get ideas and to see the suggested maximum length of the bio, while using your own words to write your biography. Also please let us know if you are offering spiritual direction to both men and women as there are separate listings for both. Thanks.

By either mailing in a check or using this add-to-cart button to be listed, you affirm that you have read and agreed to the above terms and agreement. For the button below, if you do not have PayPal just click the "I do not have PayPal button" when you see it on the lower left, to pay with your credit card.

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