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General Information

Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst." In spiritual direction, the spiritual director and directee come together to seek a closer relationship with God and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as the true spiritual director.

How do I find a good spiritual director?

Some people ask how to find a spiritual director. What first comes to mind for many seeking spiritual direction is to ask a priest, but nowadays it is often difficult to find a priest to be a spiritual director. Priests are often very busy and don't have much extra time for spiritual direction. There are also many religious sisters and lay spiritual directors. St. Teresa of Avila was an example of a nun who gave spiritual direction to many people including priests and her brother and St. Catherine of Siena is an example of a lay person who advised many people on the spiritual life. This site lists some available spiritual directors.

St. Teresa of Avila advises us to find someone as knowledgeable (on the faith), prudent and as holy as possible. St. John of the Cross says that we will have an inclination inside to talk to the proper person. I feel we need to pray and ask God to give us this inclination to ask the right person for us and to show us whom (if anyone) to ask for spiritual direction. We can also get some of spiritual direction in confession (while being sensitive to those who are waiting in line behind us so as not to take up too much time).

Spiritual direction is about seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit as our true spiritual director. It is about growing in the spiritual life and making good decisions about our own personal circumstances. It is helpful to get personal input to help keep us moving in a positive direction and to have someone to be accountable to about our spiritual life. It is easy to be misled at times by our own desires and we often do not see ourselves clearly.

As Catholics it is also good to study our faith in depth, realizing that much guidance and wisdom is already present in the teachings of the Church through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition as interpreted and presented by the magisterium of the Church.

God doesn't want us to remain alone but wants us to be in relationship with Himself and others. It is beneficial to interact with other practicing Catholics and spiritual persons.

Besides spiritual direction it is also helpful be involved in spiritual friendships and small groups where we can interact with others about our spiritual life and faith over time and to find and get to know respectful, loving, spiritual people who care about us and let them get to know us and care about them in return.

We also need to take time to really study our faith including the Bible and official teachings of the Church, so that is why I put so many links on this website to those resources. Today learning the faith can be and it is very important to read and study the official teachings of the Church as that is where the truth may be found. The saints also have gone before us in living the faith and have a lot to share if we take time to read what they wrote and ask for their intercession through prayer.

Do I need a spiritual director?

Everyone doesn't absolutely need a personal spiritual director (or else God would provide one and he often doesn't), but if we can find a good one it is beneficial to have one. Most of us come upon things that we might benefit from some outside help and if God inclines us to ask a person's advice, we should follow his inspiration on that too as to whom we feel inclined to tell things to.

Alternatives to having a personal spiritual director

One place to get some spiritual direction is having a regular knowledgeable confessor that gives reliable advice in confession. We can also cultivate friendships with good, holy, spiritual Catholics to help each other. We can join groups that study Catholic spirituality and discuss things with others there. The links on this website have a lot of general resources on the Catholic faith. If there are no small study groups or spiritual groups in your area, you might want to start one. Some ideas are Bible studies using Catholic resources and Catholic book clubs where you choose and read a spiritual book and come together to discuss what you read a chapter at a time. IWe are not meant to be alone in our walk of faith but united to others in personal relationships and with a little effort on our part, this can be accomplished.

Spiritual direction can be helpful, but it is also helpful to be involved in reciprocal, in-person relationships with other practicing and devout Catholics who are seeking to live an authentic Catholic life. They are out there if you look, either as friends or members or organizations or small groups, where you can interact on a personal level.

Some general ideas about the spiritual life:

God desires that we love him with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves. In the spiritual life there is the "active" life (things we do) and the "passive" life (things God does). God respects the freedom he has given us and he would like our free cooperation with his grace. Spiritual growth is not something we do on our own, nor something God forces on us. It is a joint project between us and God. With us alone it is not possible, but with God all things are possible. There is a lot we can do with the help of God's grace to become the person God would like us to be and to do the things God made us to do.

Prayer is important and essential. Prayer is our personal communication with God. You can't have much of a relationship if there is no relating. Besides the essential participation at Mass at least on Sundays, there are many forms of prayer. One simple way to pray, which St. Teresa of Avila advises, is to talk to Jesus as you would talk to a friend (because Jesus is and wants to be your best friend.) Other recommended forms of private prayer include the rosary and Lectio Divina. The rosary is a Gospel prayer and meditation on important events in the lives of Jesus and Mary. The Liturgy of the Hours is the prayer of the Church and recited at marked times of the day. Lectio Divina and prayerful reading the Bible are some other ways.

The Bible says that "the truth will set you free". Jesus came to give us his peace. The spiritual journey is one of growing closer and closer to God until we are united to him in a very close union that is one of love, peace, joy and happiness that lasts forever.

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